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Asscher Cut Diamonds

Select your high quality Asscher cut diamonds to own a gemstone that leaves a lasting impression. The dramatic Asscher cut is very similar to the emerald cut diamond, but it is square. This special diamond cut draws the eye directly into the diamond’s virtually transparent center. Looking into the Asscher can give an admirer the illusion of gazing into a brightly mirrored room. Because of this characteristic, you should choose the highest quality Asscher cut diamond that your budget allows. We own our diamonds and understand their properties. So in addition to reading the provided report on a diamond with an Asscher cut, you’ll want to contact us for first-hand information on visible inclusions. At A. Fishman & Son, we carry both the popular and harder to find diamond cuts, such as the Asscher and the cushion cut.

We own all the diamonds in our loose diamond collection. On most other websites, you will view a diamond inventory that’s not even owned by the business. Gain peace of mind by working directly with a jeweler who owns the diamonds and is invested in your satisfaction.

What is Special about A. Fishman & Son's Asscher Cut Diamonds

When you look at our diamond inventory of Asscher Cut diamonds, look closely at the pictures of our actual diamonds. You will notice that they are uniformly brilliant and bright to the eye. There are no "glassy" or "shadowy" areas which indicate a poorly cut asscher cut diamond. Don't be fooled by just looking at the statistics of a diamond. They are important but only if the diamond "fits together" properly to give you the proper brilliance a diamond should have.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings in High Quality Color

Splendid Asscher cut engagement rings are reminiscent of the Art Deco period. The modern take on the Asscher cut draws attention to the clarity of a sparkling, colorless diamond. With this type of ring, a higher diamond clarity and color grade of gemstone is desired. The Asscher diamond for engagement rings is created using a step cut process that yields cropped corners. The cut may be described as a modified square emerald cut. We offer the secure four-prong settings for your selection, and our Asscher cut engagement ring settings are available in a range of sizes and widths. This type of diamond can be the glamorous focal point of a three-stone ring or the attention-capturing center of a solitaire. Rely on our knowledge as you choose your Asscher cut diamond engagement ring.