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Diamond Earrings

Your sparkling diamond earrings should be crafted by A. Fishman & Son. Platinum, white gold and yellow gold settings highlight our delicate, sophisticated and vibrant diamond designs. We have drop earrings, button earrings, cluster earrings, hoop earrings, and diamond stud earrings in a variety of creative designs. You will find earrings with fiery diamonds in both pierced and non-pierced styles. Hoops covered in diamonds frame the face with fantastic sparkle. Diamonds expertly shaped into flowers add elegance to an evening out. Our exceptional diamond drop earrings give you a sweeping array of diamonds in various lengths. We offer detachable dangling diamonds that can be used with your studs for eye-catching fashion. In one earring you can have round, pear and marquise diamonds, dangling beneath tapered baguettes. Our custom-made earring selection includes a range of diamond carat sizes, so everyone can find the perfect earrings for their budget.

Diamond Earring Dealer Who Offers More Sparkle for Your Money

Let us be your trusted diamond earring dealer. Diamond earrings are an affordable way to gain optimal sparkle. Our earrings come in a range of styles to coordinate with your dressiest evenings and professional days. Many people now wear their diamond earrings with both blue jeans and the little black dress. Enjoy the brilliance of just diamonds in the earring setting, or place diamonds coordinated with pearls, rubies, emeralds and sapphires in your ears. Our designs are breathtaking with fine to very fine quality precious stones. As a respected dealer of diamond earrings and other fine jewelry, we manufacture all of the pieces you see in our online collections. This means you can feel confident as you buy earrings with genuine gemstones to wear for a lifetime.