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Buying Diamonds Online - Pitfalls of Internet BuyingDiamond Engagement Ring

You’re feeling pretty good. After countless hours learning the basics on diamonds and searching for the best price on the Internet, you're ready to take the plunge, give your credit card info, and wait excitedly for the delivery of the symbol of your love to your lady. With most internet sites, there are some serious questions you must ask yourself before you spend your money. And they are serious questions. 

I want to pose those questions and answer them for you as they relate to A. Fishman & Son. I believe that when you analyze these issues, you will be comfortable working with A. Fishman & Son for your diamond purchase.

Do you know anything about the company you are about to do business with?

A. Fishman & Son, established in 1947,  is a three generation, loose diamond and diamond jewelry manufacturing company located in the heart of the diamond district in New York City. 

We have a real office, with real inventory which we own ourselves and we have an impeccable reputation both in the industry as well as with countless satisfied customers like yourself who have found us on our website. (Testimonials - Google Reviews)

Does the diamond match the lab certificate? Is the certificate genuine?

We have coordinated a process with the GIA to ensure to all of our customers that the diamond they purchase will not only match the certificate, but will be identifiable in the future as well.  Please feel free to inquire about that process.

Did you select the right size and quality diamond?

Ours is a very personal business.  As you will see, we do not let our customers purchase "on-line."  We want to make sure that the diamond you select is the right diamond for you.  Accordingly, I personally speak to every customer to make sure that the selection our customer makes is the prettiest and finest he can get for his money and one that I am passionate about. In addition, I am always photographing the diamonds for our customers and emailing you photos so you can see the brilliance of the diamonds first hand!

Who will set the diamond?

A. Fishman & Son is a manufacturer of fine diamond jewelry.  We manufacture custom settings and we can also set our diamond in a setting which you may purchase elsewhere.  See some of our work under  Custom Made Jewelry at Fine Jewelry.

What happens if the setter chips or breaks the diamond?

Since we are selling our diamond to you, we are responsible to you in the event anything happens to the diamond in the process of setting. At A. Fishman & Son, I can tell you that we have NEVER had such a situation.

How will you know if you get the same diamond back from the setter?

As mentioned above, we have procedures with the GIA which will allow you to always identify your diamond. This is especially helpful when you do not live in the New York area and you may want to have your ring cleaned locally.

What happens when you need future service on the set diamond?

We are extremely particular about the workmanship of our rings. We do not particularly have confidence in local jewelers working on rings which we produced. We are here to service you at any time you may need work (such as sizing or cleaning). It is very easy to simply ship the ring to us via U.S. Postal Service, fully insured.

How will you handle disputes with the Internet site?

A. Fishman & Son is not an "Internet Site."  We are a real business, with a real office and real people. You can always speak to the owner (me!). In addition, I can tell you that we have NEVER had a dispute with any customer. Since we sell our own diamonds, I just will not sell you a diamond which I may feel will not meet and exceed your expectations. Since profit margins are small at our end of the business, it is crucial for us that you be a satisfied customer. We want you to be our salesperson for future business!

Will they still be in business 6 months from now?

Since we have been in business since 1947, we have a history which you can rely on to know that we are not just sitting at home in front of a computer but have a real place of business. God willing, we will be here for you in the future. When in New York, we encourage you to visit our offices and meet us personally.

Insights into Diamond Inventories

The great majority of diamond sites that list inventories of diamonds for sale, including some of the best known, do not own a single diamond. They simply download lists from willing (and sometimes unknowing) dealers, change the prices to add a profit and present themselves as major players to you the consumer. The operators of the site employ low cost help with little in depth knowledge of diamonds. In addition they have not seen the listed diamonds, cannot attest to the accuracy of information given, and in most cases the diamond is drop shipped to you from a different company!

At A. Fishman & Son, we only sell our own diamonds.  Because we list our own diamonds, I am intimately familiar with every diamond and can take the diamond out and look at it to describe it to you.  I can also photograph any diamond and email the picture to you so you can see with your own eyes what the diamond looks like.  With our diamonds, you can be sure that you are receiving exactly what we describe the stone to be, not just for color and clarity, but, more importantly, for its beauty!