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Diamond Prices

With our incredibly low diamond prices, you can enjoy amazing beauty and fantastic savings. A. Fishman & Son is your trusted source for unbeatable certified loose diamond pricing, diamond ring discounts and wholesale diamond jewelry. We’re both a diamond importer and skilled jewelry manufacturer. All of the diamonds within our stunning loose diamond and fine jewelry collections have been carefully examined and hand selected. These are diamonds we’re passionate about sharing with our customers. With dedicated jewelry craftsmanship, we place them in shining settings. Each striking diamond ring, earring, bracelet, pendant, or necklace is made individually with meticulous care. So you receive exceptional quality. And when you shop with us, you never pay hidden fees, middleman mark-ups or commissions on beautiful diamonds or unique pieces. Instead, you deal directly with a diamond and jewelry expert, as you save. Experience the A. Fishman & Son difference.

Unbeatable Loose Diamond Discounts

Take advantage of loose diamond discounts that offer great values. With A. Fishman & Son, you save money on exquisite diamonds with guaranteed weights and GIA certified quality. Choose from the most popular cuts and shapes, including princess, radiant, pear, cushion and round diamonds. We own all of our diamonds. We invest our own money in our diamond inventory and we are careful with our money so that we can provide you with true value.

You may see diamond jewelry sites advertising “tens of thousands of diamonds.” Most of these sites are simply acting as middlemen. They don't own the “borrowed” diamonds they’re listing and trying to sell. When you shop with us, there are no hidden fees or commissions. And you eliminate the middleman completely. So you find the most competitive loose diamond discounts—and the custom jewelry of your dreams. Learn more about making the perfect purchase by reviewing our diamond information.

Engagement Rings

Great Diamond Ring Prices

Give the promise of tomorrow, for less today. With our wholesale diamond ring prices, you can design your own diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding ring or fancy ring. And we’ll be with you every step of the way. Cherish a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring that expresses true love while complementing your taste and budget. We provide you with specific details and accurate photographs of the exact diamond in your ring. So you’ll have complete information on the special diamond you’ve chosen and its platinum, white gold or yellow gold setting. We’ll work with you one-on-one, providing personalized customer care at no additional cost. And you’ll have the peace of mind of a 30 day return policy.

Diamond engagement rings are our specialty, and we’ll custom design yours to surpass expectations. Each low-priced diamond ring is handcrafted for consistently high quality. There’s no need to spend hard-earned dollars on mass produced jewelry, which comes from unknown manufacturers and offers inconsistent quality. Affordable diamond ring prices and exceptional workmanship make our gorgeous rings even more alluring!

Factory-Direct Diamond Jewelry Featuring Excellent CraftsmanshipDiamonds

Factory-Direct Diamond Jewelry Prices Save You Money

Choose A. Fishman & Son for factory-direct diamond jewelry prices that can save you thousands. Enjoy diamond jewelry at wholesale pricing that’s been made in our own factory. We’re one of the few fine jewelry manufacturers in the U.S., handcrafting high quality pieces. We never import, purchase or subcontract jewelry from other manufacturers. So you can buy straight from the jeweler’s source, from a manufacturer with a sparkling reputation and so many satisfied customers. Save on spectacular diamond engagement rings and affordably priced diamond wedding rings. Plus get great pricing on diamond bracelets, necklaces, diamond stud earrings, emerald rings and more. With our extensive expertise, we’ll create your one-of-a-kind pieces, including custom engagement rings, at factory direct diamond jewelry prices.

A Competitive Price does not mean the Lowest Price

Does a competitive price mean having the lowest price? If not, what does it mean?

Having a competitive price doe not mean having the lowest price. It means having the right price for the right diamond. A "fair" price for a "great" diamond is a "great" deal. A "great" (low) price for a poor diamond is a "terrible" deal.

So what does having a "competitive" price mean? It means giving the customer the right diamond at the right price. If the price is too good to be true, you can be sure that the diamond will not be as advertised. If the diamond is a desirable diamond, a "Pretty" diamond (see What Makes a Diamond Pretty?), then it will always hold its value and be worth the fair price you pay for it.

Here is an example. A retail store recently requested a 1.50ct round diamond, H color, SI2 clarity, for a total price of $7,000. Our diamond of that quality, certified by the GIA, cost $9,000. It is a terrific SI2 (high end) and had the full dimension that a 1.50ct diamond should have (7.5mm). In examining the market to see what was available to this retailer for his price, all of the diamonds were EGL graded (an inferior laboratory with a well known habit for giving higher grades than the GIA-in other words, an inferior diamond). In addition, all of these diamonds were too small in their overall dimension because they measured between 6.9-7.2mm in diameter (the size of a 1 1/4 carat diamond). In other words, these diamonds at $7,000 were very expensive for their true quality.

In the end, as in all purchases, you get what you pay for. If you want a "Pretty" diamond, which will have long lasting value, never look for the cheapest diamond. Consult a diamond expert, one who has spent decades buying diamonds for his own inventory, who can help guide you to the right diamond and the right price.

A. Fishman & Son is the diamond expert you should call!