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Estate Jewelry

A. Fishman & Son: Dedicated to Fair Valuation of Your Fine Estate Jewelry

Estate JewelryWhen it’s time to sell estate jewelry, turn to A. Fishman & Son for a positive experience and fair market value. We understand there is an attachment to family heirlooms. So make an informed decision about the sale of estate jewelry or unwanted gold and diamonds. The local jewelry store or pawn shop is probably not your best buyer. These businesses are known to offer cut-rate amounts for estate jewelry. We service estate customers worldwide and provide accurate assessments and attractive offers. If you would like to work with an experienced buyer who is dedicated to your needs, contact us today. Don’t sell estate diamond jewelry at scrap value. Let us assess the true value of precious gold and diamonds, ornaments, or antique gold. Send or bring us jewelry from your estate for professional offers.

Sell Your Estate Jewelry with Expert Guidance

Be informed before the sale. Sell your estate jewelry to a specialist in the field. Don’t believe the buyers who claim that all second-hand jewelry is only worth its weight in metal. We’ll evaluate your jewelry’s value, based on its aesthetics and physical qualities. Josh Fishman, a third generation industry expert, oversees the estate jewelry sales. Benefit from the guidance of a reputable jewelry store when you sell estate jewelry, whether it’s a diamond ring or gold bracelet.

Sell Diamonds

A. Fishman & Son has been in the diamond business since 1947 and has invested millions of dollars buying diamonds. We understand diamonds. You can be sure that when you come to us to sell diamonds, it will not be assessed on scrap value as many others do. A. Fishman evaluates the 4 C's of a diamond, as well as the market desirability of your diamonds. At A. Fishman & Son, you'll find the advantage of having Josh Fishman's expert guidance as you look to buy or sell diamond jewelry.

Sell Diamond Rings to a Reputable Buyer

Depend on a jeweler with a reputation for fairness when you sell diamond rings. We’ll examine your diamond jewelry thoroughly, looking at the 4 C’s of diamond quality, as well as the diamond characteristics that make it desirable. We also evaluate diamonds outside their ring settings for greater accuracy. Send us your insured diamond rings today. Or schedule a private appointment. Let us be your trusted jeweler, whether you’re buying loose diamonds or selling diamond rings.

Sell Gold

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but gold is every man's obsession! Precious stones like diamonds may be valued at a higher price than gold, but gold holds its own in spite of ups and downs. Gold is not only one of the most precious metals, but is also one of the best investments you can make against inflation. Stocks may crash, but gold lives on... and history proves it. Gold is acquired as much for wealth and as it is for its aesthetic beauty and skilled craftsmanship. These are some of the many reasons why people purchase gold-either gold jewelry or gold bullions in the form of coins and bars.

If you're wondering where to sell gold, New York is the hub! You'll find the largest number of gold buyers in New York. People from all over America come with their precious jewelry to sell gold in New York. Where should you go to sell your gold? We invite you to visit A. Fishman & Son. When you are ready to sell your gold, visit us for a first-hand experience, or you can send a secure, insured package for a full assessment and offer to buy your gold.

In rough economic times, people rush to sell gold hoping to make a little profit or extra cash from unused gold jewelry. Class rings without the gem may not have much value, but if you have precious gold jewelry, estate jewelry, or handcrafted ornaments, antique gold items, and the like, bring it or send it to us for assessment. You should not sell these gold items at scrap value at your local jeweler or pawn shop as you may wind up getting just a few dollars for gold that is worth much more. Let us help you assess the true value of your gold jewelry and offer you its true worth in cash.

In conclusion, at A. Fishman & Son we understand the many varied reasons why you may want to sell estate jewelry or unwanted diamond rings and can make you the most attractive offer based on an expert assessment of its true market value.