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A Message from David Fishman, of blessed memory

This is a message my dear father, David Fishman, of blessed memory, wrote for our customers. He passed away in September 2017 but his words to you are important to me. Josh

"Dear Prospective Customer,

For me and my generation, Diamonds were not just a “for profit business;” they were also an art to enjoy and to admire.
Let me explain.

We, who have been involved in the Diamond industry long before the Internet, Laboratory Certificates and Gemologists existed, and before statistics and technical measurements began to describe a diamond, appreciate the creation of a diamond by a master craftsman from a rough stone into a gem to be admired. We referred to a dazzling, exceptional diamond as being “sexy” and irresistible to own, often falling in love with it. Some were even marked “not for sale.” They belonged in our private collection. This is also true of how art, a painting or a sculpture, can enamor us and make it irresistible to own.  

Today the picture is slightly different but basically the same. Diamonds are graded and their measurements - depth, table, polish and symmetry - are described in a certificate, without disclosing completely the characteristics of the diamond. Namely, within the parameters of each grade there is the low and the high end. Please remember that Gemologists and Laboratories grading diamonds are just technicians who are not engaged in diamond commerce. They just service the industry. The evaluation and desirability of a diamond are really essential to the manufacturers and wholesalers who invest their money in diamonds and, eventually, also to you the consumer. 

To assure yourself of avoiding a serious mistake, you owe it to yourself to choose an honorable and dependable source to guide you in this selection. No matter how much knowledge you have absorbed from reading about diamonds, it cannot equal the expertise of a “diamantaire,” (an experienced diamond dealer) who invests his own money first, and who lives and breathes diamonds daily.

May I respectfully suggest that, after reflecting on the above facts, you consider A. Fishman & Son as your source in this selection? We have earned an impeccable reputation through more than 65 years of experience and have a track record from thousands of satisfied customers to prove that we can guide you to choose the prettiest and best valued diamond within your budget.

Thank you.

DF Signature
David Fishman
David Fishman