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Tips On Getting Her Ring Size

Pretty DiamondIf you plan to surprise her with the proposal, you want to make sure that the ring is the right size.  A ring that won't slip on to her finger can really put a damper on the moment!

Since she is going to wear the ring on the ring finger of her left hand, you'll need to do your best to figure out what size that finger is. Remember that ring sizes vary for each finger, so only a direct measurement will be exact.  But if you get it close, you can always have the ring sized up or down slightly to fit perfectly.

Here are a few tips for getting her ring size without her knowing what you're up to.

Borrow One of Her Rings - Without her knowing, borrow a ring from her jewelry box and bring it to your local jeweler who can determine its size.  Be careful to choose one that is round and that you know she wears on the correct finger.  Older rings might be bent out of shape which can cause a mismeasurement.

Ask Her Best Friend - Believe it or not, women do talk about their ring size with each other.  Just be sure to choose a friend who can keep the secret!

Take Her Shopping - It's not uncommon for couples to go shopping together to look at engagement rings at some point before the big moment.  This is a great time to have the jeweler measure her finger size so that you can keep it in mind for the future.

Put Her Ring on Your Hand - If borrowing one of her rings is too risky, place her ring on your finger as far down as it will comfortably go.  Mark your finger with a pen and show it to your local jeweler who can measure it for you.

Trace the Inside of Her Ring - Trace the inside of one of her rings and bring it to your local jeweler who can determine her size.

Make an Impression of Her Ring - Use a bar of soap or a piece of clay to make an impression of one of her rings.

Ask Her - If you are really shy, maybe you can subtly work it into a conversation and get her to tell you her ring size.  But be careful, this one is risky! :-)

And if all else fails............

The A. Fishman & Son "Loaner" Program

What if none of our ideas works but you don't want to present the diamond loose in a box?  Or, maybe you don't know what kind of ring setting she wants or what will look good on her.  While the cost of the diamond is going to be the great portion of your overall expense, I have found that women are equally if not more interested in what their ring is going to look like.  And, you don't want to spend money on one ring only to find out that it isn't what she loves.  So, we at A. Fishman & Son, as part of what we consider our devotion to your happiness (if she isn't happy you won't be either!) will always offer you an option which we call our "Loaner Program."

Call us for the details!