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Diamond Shopping-Why Diamonds are NOT an E-Commerce Item

It would be a mistake to purchase a diamond based solely on a certificate and place it in a "shopping cart." A. Fishman & Son won't sell you a diamond without speaking to you about your needs and making sure that the diamond you select is the best diamond you can and should purchase. See What Makes a Diamond Pretty?

Where is our Shopping Cart?

We don’t consider the purchase of a diamond to be an e-commerce item like a book or a brand name article. Unlike most on-line sellers of diamonds, who don’t own any of their inventories and operate through lists of diamonds which they download from the owners (including our diamonds), we want to make sure that your are purchasing not only the perfect diamond but also a pretty diamond  with long term value. We therefore don't provide a shopping cart for your purchase. While it may not appear to be user friendly to have to order your diamond by speaking to us, it is customer friendly and the right and most beneficial way for you to purchase a diamond. We don't want you to make an "impulse" purchase, only to regret it later.

A certificate and statistics are only a clinical description of a diamond, and they do not necessarily reflect its beauty or desirability. For example, two diamonds may have the same certificate grade of, let's say, F color and SI2 clarity.  However,  they can, and often do, differ in the actual "quality" of their grades. One may be a strong F color -- close to an E color -- and the SI2 clarity grade close to an SI1, while the other can be much weaker in both categories. In fact, the nature of a diamond's actual clarity, as opposed to its clarity "grade" may make a lower graded diamond more desirable than a higher graded diamond and save you money. This may be true even if both diamonds are graded by the same gemological laboratory (for example, both GIA) and especially true with diamonds graded by different laboratories (for example, GIA vs. EGL). Although cut measurements may also be similar, the intrinsic brilliance and beauty can, and often do, differ since each diamond has its own individual identity and character. The value and investment desirability will therefore vary.

The idea that a diamond is a "commodity" and that all you have to do is find the best grade at the lowest price to assure yourself of a great deal, is a recipe for the purchase of an undesirable diamond. In addition, the current wave of "branded" diamonds is nothing more than an advertising attempt to sell a diamond at a higher price. What counts is what the diamond really is, not what name you give it. 

For generations, before the internet and grading laboratories, those of us who invested in diamonds have understood what makes a diamond pretty and desirable and worth investing in and what diamond is not worth owning, despite what the statistics or advertising brand name may say.

Only a trained, experienced professional who invests his own money in these decisions is suitable to guide you. That is why A. Fishman & Son is right for you. We have a live diamond inventory and not just a list of diamonds, over 60 years experience, and a tradition and reputation for reliability and solid trust, earned over those years. Please See our Customer Testimonials and Google Reviews.

I assure you that you will find your experience with us pleasant and rewarding, just as hundreds before you have, whose names, phone numbers, and e-mails addresses we have been allowed to use as references. 

After searching and finding the desired diamond(s) please call, e-mail, or visit us by appointment, so that we can assist you in making the right choice for you.