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How to Build Your Diamond Jewelry Wardrobe

Jewelry to Wear for a Lifetime - Not Just a Season!™

When you go out to buy a new dress or sweater or any article of clothing, you don't go out and duplicate what you already have (unless you want everything in different colors). Similarly, when it comes time for you or your partner to purchase a piece of diamond jewelry to add to your collection, it is important to view this purchase as Building a Diamond Jewelry Wardrobe.

Jewelry purchases should be well thought out and fill a gap in your current jewelry collection. How many times are you rushing out to dinner, you have the perfect outfit on, but your jewelry may or may not work. Jewelry is the finishing touch to any outfit or look, so it is important to have varied collections for different occasions.

Here are our recommendations for your Diamond Collection:

Diamond Wedding Ring

Diamond Wedding RingsAfter the engagement ring, you need a wedding ring. After all, you need to get married, not just engaged! If you can afford a diamond wedding band at the same time, that's great. But I have worked with many customers who have budgetary constraints and a plain wedding band has to do for the wedding itself. The diamond wedding band just has to wait.

When the time comes for that next piece of jewelry, a diamond wedding band should be next. It doesn't have to match exactly with the engagement ring and it doesn't have to fit flush with the engagement ring either. It can be worn on the opposite hand from the engagement ring.  Fine jewelry complements other pieces, they don't have to match exactly.

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Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond StudsAfter the wedding band, classic diamond studs should be next. They can be worn for any occasion and they are a staple of any jewelry wardrobe. When you decide on the setting, think about the three prong martini setting. It is a great choice over the older classic 4-prong setting because the setting sits much closer to the ear lobe and you see much more "diamond" instead of metal. 

Diamond Earrings

Speaking about studs, you also have an alternative to the classic stud which can have a larger look but cost less. For example, the following "snowflake" earring accomplishes that purpose.


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Diamond Bracelets

Diamond BraceletsAfter diamond studs, a diamond bracelet should come next. It can be a classic tennis bracelet (a straight line of round diamonds) or a modified version of it. In fact, today we are getting away from the classic tennis bracelet and going to something a little more stylish.

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Diamond Necklaces & Pendants

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond HeartFinally, a diamond necklace should be a part of any diamond jewelry wardrobe. What you get will depend of course on your budget but there are always choices in different price ranges.

Diamonds are always classic, timeless, and extremely versatile. Before you turn your attention to colored stones like sapphires, rubies or emeralds, you should have a basic set of diamond jewelry as part of your jewelry wardrobe.

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