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Frequently Asked Questions - Diamonds, Jewelry & A. Fishman

What if I want to return my purchase?

Please see our 30 day return policy for more information.

Does the 30 day return policy apply to "special order or custom made" rings? 

No, the 30 day return policy does not apply when you order a custom ring.

If I placed an order and it won't be delivered until 2 weeks from now, does that mean I have less than 30 days to return the ring? 

The 30 day return policy becomes effective 30 days from your receipt of the merchandise.

Do you ever put your jewelry "on sale"? 

No, we don't believe in "sales."  We always give you the best possible price all year around. In truth, I am always amazed by "sales." For example, stores run 50% off sales. But I have never seen the item being sold for 100%.

Can I return a ring to get it resized? 

Yes, a ring can be returned for a free resizing any time.

Can a local jeweler do loose stone tightening or other jewelry sizing or repairs without voiding the warranty? 

The warranty will be voided if the item is not repaired by A. Fishman & Son since we cannot be held responsible for any other jewelers beside our own jewelers.

Does A. Fishman & Son Charge sales tax? 

First of all, we do not "charge" sales tax, we would only be collectors of it. So long as our delivery is outside of New York State, we do not collect any sales tax for any state.

Is there a shipping charge? 

A. Fishman & Son offers free overnight shipping on our entire inventory for all US orders.

What is the quality of A. Fishman & Son's loose diamond inventory?

Our inventory is, and always will be, of the highest value and the best quality. We carry diamonds from D-M color and from VVS1-I1 clarity.  All of our diamonds are certificated by the GIA.  Most importantly, our diamonds are "Pretty" and that is more than just a word.

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What is the quality of A. Fishman & Son's diamond jewelry?

All diamonds in our jewelry is F-G color, VS1-VS2 clarity unless otherwise noted. We can produce our items with lesser quality to save money if you request.  We do not carry any treated or enhanced diamonds.

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Do all diamonds come with a grading report? Will I be getting the quality that the description states?

Yes and Yes. All of our loose diamonds are accompanied by a GIA Certificate. You can inspect and compare the diamond you received against the Certificate. We guarantee that the diamond and the Certificate are one and the same.

How large of a selection do you have? Are they all in Stock?

We have a very large selection in all shapes and sizes. Unlike other on-line "retailers" (which we are not), we own our diamonds, put our own money into our inventory, and have a real stake in making sure that not only should you spend your money wisely but that we have spent our money wisely to acquire diamonds that we can be passionate about and confident that you too will find them most desirable to own and wear.

Unless we have a diamond out with a retail jeweler or another dealer (who call us to borrow our diamonds on consignment for a customer such as yourself), our inventory is all on hand and we can take them out and describe them to you. This is in contrast to most other on-line sites who advertise "thousands" of diamonds. The fact is that no one owns tens of thousands of diamonds. Anyone who makes that claim takes their list of diamonds from multiple dealers who actually own those diamonds - including A. Fishman & Son's diamonds!

How secure is the transaction?

Unlike other sites, ours is NOT an "e-commerce" site. We don't allow transactions on line. This is more than just because of internet security. It is because we care deeply about your satisfaction and what we sell you. We don't want you to make a mistake so we insist on speaking to you about your selection.

Why isn't A. Fishman & Son an e-commerce site? >

Am I really getting a fair price and value?

The Internet gives you the opportunity to research and find the best value for your budget. We urge you to compare stones on our website to anyone else on the internet. We are confident that all of our diamonds are priced to beat the competition.

We are not a "retailer."  We are diamond cutters, importers and wholesalers. For many years, our primary business was supplying retail stores and other wholesalers with diamonds for their customers. With the Internet, we have, like other businesses, expanded to provide private consumers with the benefit of buying directly from the source. We give you the same price we would give to a store if they called us to send them the diamond and we also give you our honest advice about whether the diamond is right for your needs. All diamonds are not created equally, even with the same grade. You need an expert to guide you. Diamond education, as great as it is, does not account for the "art" in creating a diamond. And, diamonds are as much of an "art" as it is a "science."

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How can I be sure I am not getting a fake diamond?

That is our absolute guarantee to you. In addition you will have the original GIA Certificate available for you to examine and compare with the information provided on our website.

Do you offer appraisals?

Yes. In our normal course of business we provide an appraisal for each diamond and jewelry item we sell. Unlike competitors of ours, we do not charge for our appraisals. Our appraisals are not "feel good" appraisals designed to make you feel like you bought a "bargain."  The value reflected on our appraisals is for insurance purposes and designed to cover you for replacement value and inflation.

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Will the diamond look the way that I would like it to?

It absolutely will. In fact, you don't have to speculate. Since we own all of our diamonds, we can send you an actual photograph of the diamonds and you will see the beauty of it before you make your selection.

Is the quality of the diamond guaranteed?

Yes! All our diamonds are graded by gemological laboratories recognized and respected throughout the industry. We guarantee that the diamond you receive, and the corresponding certificate, are one and the same.

Can you create a custom setting from a photo sent to you?

Yes, we can custom design almost any piece of jewelry. However, please note that custom orders are not eligible for the 30 day return policy.

Are all of the rings resizable? How long does it take for them to get resized?

Many of our rings are resizable. Please contact us about a specific ring for more information.

Is there a company inscription on the inside of the bands?

Yes, we inscribe our logo in the inside of all of our jewelry since we are the manufacturer. If you wish, it can be removed.

Can you engrave rings?

Yes, we do custom engravings; contact us for details. Please note that jewelry that has been custom inscribed is not eligible for the 30 day return policy.

Do you sell diamonds from the warring sections of Africa?

Our diamonds are mined and acquired through legitimate sources. A. Fishman & Son is in full compliance with the Kimberly Process and does not support ongoing conflicts or human rights violations in Africa. We guarantee that our goods are conflict-free based on personal and written knowledge.

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Can a real diamond chip (in everyday activities)?

The likelihood for a diamond to chip is extremely small if there are no unusual circumstances. But, diamonds that are in "accidents" can chip and break. Even without an accident, a diamond in the Imperfect category (I1, I2 etc) are often very fragile due to the nature of the fracture type inclusions that may be present. Those diamonds could crack or break if hit on one of those fractures.

Do you buy back diamonds that were purchased from A. Fishman & Son?

We do buy back diamonds; for more information Read More >

Where are you located? Do you have a shop somewhere I can visit?

Our offices are located at 580 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY. Not only can you visit, we encourage you to come to our offices to view our diamonds and jewelry. Unlike other Internet sites, we are a real business with real inventory.

Are all of your diamonds natural?

Yes, we only carry natural diamonds and do not sell laboratory or man-made diamonds.