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Radiant Cut Diamonds

Classic and sophisticated radiant cut diamonds also share brilliance and fire with round cut diamonds. This cut offers the best of both worlds to those who love the attributes of both the square and round cut diamonds. The dazzling radiant cut has a square to rectangular shape that looks beautifully stylish in a variety of settings. It combines clean, angled lines with the fiery appearance of the round cut. Comparisons are often drawn between the princess and radiant cut diamonds. Though both are born from special processes that combine an emerald style cut with a round cut, the radiant differs from the princess with its signature-trimmed corners. When choosing your loose diamond, we can assist you in considering all aspects of the gemstone. Our personal service takes you beyond carat weight to understanding the complete physical and visual properties of your diamond with a radiant cut.

What is Special about A. Fishman & Son's Radiant Cut Diamonds

When you look at our diamond inventory of Radiant Cut diamonds, look closely at the pictures of our actual diamonds. You will notice that they are uniformly brilliant and bright to the eye. There are no "glassy" or "shadowy" areas which indicate a poorly cut radiant cut diamond. Don't be fooled by just looking at the statistics of a diamond. They are important but only if the diamond "fits together" properly to give you the proper brilliance a diamond should have.

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings with Spectacular Custom Made Settings

Enjoy the wondrous qualities of radiant cut engagement rings. The center stone of this engagement ring features a specially cut diamond that allows for greater light reflection than from a rectangular shape. With its specialized corners, it offers a graceful elegance. The radiant cut diamond engagement ring is a favorite of brides to be who desire a less common cut for their three-stone, solitaire or sidestone setting. The radiant diamond captures the eyes of onlookers when it is the middle diamond surrounded by two other stones, such as trilliant cut diamonds. We are here to help you combine the cut of your center stone diamond with the other stones you desire. Our handmade engagement ring settings are designed to showcase an exciting variety of dazzling diamonds.