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360 degree videos are available for most of our diamonds over 1 carat in size. Click Here to get the link for the video.

Narrow your search results using the filters to your left. Drag the endpoints of the sliders to include your desired values, or enter specific values in the boxes and drop-down menus provided. Click HERE to understand the terms referred to in the filtering boxes. 

Loose Diamonds

The Best Round Cut Diamonds Since 1947

See our impressive selection of loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes. We own all of the diamonds on our site and do not sell conflict or “enhanced” loose diamonds. We’ve invested wisely so you can shop with confidence for the most desirable diamonds. Use our loose diamond search to easily gain information on specific diamonds. You’ll have the facts you need to contact us about that dream purchase or investment. When looking for quality loose diamonds, first choose a diamond  shape. Then enter your search preferences for size, cut, clarity and certification. You’ll have access to descriptions of outstanding round brilliant cut loose diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, princess cut loose diamonds and more. While the scientific specifications of a diamond are important, there are other factors to be considered. By speaking with our owner, Josh Fishman, you’ll find that admired diamond. Each precious stone is unique. Let us guide your informed diamond decision.

What is Special about A. Fishman & Son's Round Cut Diamonds

When you look at our diamond inventory of Round Cut diamonds, look closely at the pictures of our actual diamonds. You will notice that they are uniformly brilliant and bright to the eye. There are no "glassy" or "shadowy" areas which indicate a poorly cut emerald cut diamond. Don't be fooled by just looking at the statistics of a diamond. They are important but only if the diamond "fits together" properly to give you the proper brilliance a diamond should have.

Get the Right Round Brilliant Cut Diamond from A. Fishman & Son Today

For maximum sparkle, get the right round brilliant cut diamond from A. Fishman & Son. We have diamonds that have been skillfully cut for a lovely look. The highly popular round brilliant cut diamond lives up to its name. It’s cut to boost its natural brilliance. Our extensive diamond selection also features a variety of other diamond shapes, from princess and emerald diamonds to heart and pear shaped diamonds. Are you hoping to place a round cut diamond in an engagement ring? Be sure to look at our engagement ring guide or call us for personal assistance.