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360 degree videos are available for most of our diamonds over 1 carat in size. Click Click Here to get the link for the video. 

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Marquise Diamonds

We offer marquise diamonds cut for beautiful brilliance. With the correct cut, your marquise diamond will sparkle elegantly, as you enjoy the illusion of a larger diamond. Marquise cut diamonds help to optimize the stone’s weight. An expert diamond cutter can reveal ideal attributes using fancy cuts. These cuts include the marquise, which is a long oval shape with points on each end. Its elongated look lengthens the appearance of the fingers. With our loose diamond search, it’s simple to look at all your options in color, clarity, carat weights and pricing. We own our marquise diamonds, and they’ve been chosen in preferred length to width ratios for a more striking appearance. Once you select your loose marquise diamond, you can find the perfect setting to highlight its beauty. We always sell conflict free diamonds and never sell artificially enhanced precious stones. A. Fishman & Son is your experienced and customer-focused source for premium quality marquise diamonds. Take a look at our diamond guide as a first step in purchasing a diamond.

What is Special about A. Fishman & Son's Marquise Cut Diamonds

When you look at our diamond inventory of Marquise Cut diamonds, look closely at the pictures of our actual diamonds. You will notice that they are uniformly brilliant and bright to the eye. There are no "glassy" or "shadowy" areas which indicate a poorly cut marquise cut diamond. Don't be fooled by just looking at the statistics of a diamond. They are important but only if the diamond "fits together" properly to give you the proper brilliance a diamond should have.

Marquise Cut Engagement Rings Shine with Promise

The promise of love is part of our marquise cut engagement rings. The origin of the marquise style engagement ring has been traced to the 14th century when a king wanted a diamond in the shape of a smile. Imagine a three-stone diamond engagement ring with a marquise cut diamond as the center stone. Or light reflecting off a marquise cut solitaire engagement ring. We have ring settings in different sizes that will accommodate diamonds of every cut. Marquise cut diamond wedding rings are also favorites. A wedding ring with a circle of marquise diamonds or an engagement ring with a single marquise can be handcrafted to your precious stone selections.