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The A. Fishman & Son Diamond Cut

The value of two diamonds of the same weight can vary greatly depending on the color, clarity and especially the cut.

Learn about what makes the A. Fishman & Son Diamond Cut unique!

Below is an example of two diamonds, exactly the same weight, color and clarity. Which diamond would you and should you buy?

Diamond Cut Comparison

The cut of a diamond — its roundness, its depth and width, the uniformity of the facets — all determine a diamond's brilliance. Many gemologists consider cut the most important diamond characteristic because even if a diamond has perfect Color and Clarity, a diamond with a poor cut will have dulled brilliance.

The width and depth have the greatest effect on how light travels within the diamond, and how it exits in the form of brilliance.

Diamond Proportions

Too Shallow: Light is lost out the sides causing the diamond to lose brilliance.

Too Deep: Light escapes out the bottom causing the diamond to appear dark and dull.

The diamond's proportions, specifically the depth compared to the diameter, and the diameter of the table compared to the diameter of the diamond, determine how well light will reflect and refract within the diamond.

Anatomy of a Diamond

Diameter: The width of the diamond as measured through the girdle.

Table: The largest facet of a gemstone.

Crown: The top portion of a diamond extending from the girdle to the table.

Girdle: The narrow band around the widest part of a diamond.

Pavilion: The bottom portion of a diamond, extending from the girdle to the culet.

Culet: The facet at the tip of a gemstone. The preferred culet is not visible with the unaided eye (graded "medium" or "none").

Depth: The height of a gemstone measured from the culet to the table.


The Differences Illustrated Above Are Even More Pronounced in Fancy Shapes Diamonds!

A. Fishman & Son Cut diamonds are cut to proper proportions so they look bigger and brighter than poorly made diamonds that look small and dark.

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